amanda (_cry_ophelia) wrote in sexyrawr,

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In Need of Some Help.....

I've decided that for my next tattoo I want to honor Steve & everything he stood for. So I've decided on getting a crocodile. Now comes the part where I need help. I was wondering if anyone (who had some drawing skills) could help me design the tattoo.
Steve was my hero(like everyone else here), so this is my way of remembering him. I'd appreciate any and all help that may come my way.


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That's a lovely idea, Amanda! What a great way to remember him :)

I can't wait. I love tattoos.

I already have one to remember my trip to australia. And I'm still deciding on the design for my tattoo for my new zealand visit. But that one's going to be put on the back burner so I can get my steve tattoo.